Quakertown Volunteer Emergency Medical Services, Inc.

 Quakertown Volunteer Emergency Medical Services Inc.



321 Pittstown Road (next to the Pittstown Post Office)

Pittstown NJ 08867



Thank you to the members of our community who have supported the QVEMS Rescue Squad for over 21 years.

 We have many new programs and many opportunities for you to volunteer - feel free to stop in any time and inquire. 

 **PLEASE check your homes and mail boxes for proper numbering so we can more easily find you if you become ill or injured.  For assistance, please call QVEMS at 908-735-2288 and we will be happy to help you.


What does the "star of life" actually mean? Below explains each of the 6 points and why they are so important to Emergency Medical Service providers.


The cold weather is here so get ready for winter.  Make sure your car is ready and keep an emergency kit just in case.  As the temperature gets even colder and the winter weather sets it, make sure you stay hydrated and check in on your elderly friends and family that live alone. Sometimes the elderly can't get out as easily and might appreciate the help.



If you have an EMERGENCY, Always call 9-1-1


Volunteers Always Welcome

Interested in volunteering? Fill out an application on line or come down and introduce yourself!


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Quakertown Volunteer Emergency Medical Services
P O Box 225
Pittstown, NJ 08867
Non-Emergency: 908-735-2288
Emergency: 911
Fax: 908-735-7656
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